Your Referral Link

Your referrals will earn an extra 5% minted NUI tokens on their auction collection.
As a referrer you will earn an extra 10%. There are no limits on number on the amount of referrals that you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are auction lobbies?
Auction lobbies are Daily Auctions that offer NUI tokens for TRX based on the NUI and TRX pool at the end of the day. When you enter with TRX, you will receive a propotioniate amount of NUI to stake. Available NUI Gold tokens start at 2.5 million, down 4-5000~ per day to a MINIMUM of 100,000 tokens available.
Where does the TRX go?
What is staking?
Do I get TRX dividends for staking?
How do I know if my stake has ended?
What if I end my stake early?
How is dividends pool calculated?
When will I receive my TRX dividends?